Condensing Boilers

Condensing boiler manufacturers claim that up to 98% thermal efficiency can be achieved, compared to 70%-80% with conventional designs (based on the higher heating value of fuels). Typical models offer efficiency around 90%, which brings most brands of condensing gas boiler in to the highest available categories for energy efficiency. In North America they typically receive an Eco Logo and /or Energy Star Certification.

Boiler performance is based on the efficiency of heat transfer and highly dependent on boiler size and emitter size. System design and installation are critical. Matching the radiation to the Btu/Hr output of the boiler and consideration of the emitter design temperatures determines the overall efficiency of the space and domestic water heating system.

One reason for an efficiency drop is because the design or implementation of the heating system gives return water (heat transfer fluid) temperatures at the boiler of over 55°C (131°F), which prevents significant condensation in the heat exchanger. 

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