Locally owned and operated since 1993 - Recently under new ownership!

Royal Propane is expanding faster than ever with over 3,000 homes and businesses depending on our timely delivery services throughout South West Nova Scotia.

How it all started.

Our story begins many years ago when we opened up a small company servicing propane appliances. It wasn't long before demand outstripped supply and we decided to start selling and installing propane appliances and making regular propane deliveries to our customers. Word spread quickly of our superior customer service and we were soon hiring more staff and running more and more delivery trucks. In 2001 we began our BBQ tank exchange program which was met with tremendous success. 

We owe this success to the loyalty of our customer base and believe that it is people who are the prevailing factor when it comes to running a successful business. The people in the communities that we service and the experienced staff and crew that work with us on a daily basis. This has always been our philosophy and always will be, and that's why we make a special effort to give back to our communities through charitable donations and events. 

We are proud to have our propane tanks provided at dozens of locations across Atlantic Canada and to have a fleet of delivery trucks making regular deliveries to our loyal customer base. 

Ready to join the family?

We give all of our customers the royal treatment.
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